So, Why Boudoir photography?

Where the heck do I even begin with this?! There are probably a million and one reasons I could list out of why I shoot boudoir photography. But, I always come back to one main, big reason: It allows me the rare opportunity to show other women, of all walks of life, just how absolutely beautiful they are through someone else's eyes (or in my case, lens). Boudoir is truly so much more than just photos, it is an encompassing experience that ignites women confidence and opens the door for self-acceptance, body positivity, and love for oneself. Boudoir is art. It is all about the total physical and mental transformation that takes place between the second you book and the moment you leave the studio after your boudoir shoot.

I started shooting boudoir photography back in January of 2020, after a mutual friend had asked me to shoot her boudoir photos, when I had previously been a portrait photographer for 10 years. As fate would have it, I fell instantly in love with not only the process, but the way my art was able to positively impact her life and view of herself. I realized quickly how I was able to give other women the chance to see themselves as art, through my camera lens. In that moment, I knew without a doubt in my mind that I had found my purpose in this life, and I haven't looked back since that day.

I take so much pride in being the catalyst to women gaining back their confidence through boudoir photography.

The Transformation

The transformations we see take place in our studio with each of our clients is truly the best part of the whole experience. When a woman walks into the studio on the day of her boudoir session, most of the time she is nervous, sometimes even visibly nervous. The shaky voice + hands, the fast talking, all are things we see all. the. time. The moment they sit down in the chair with our glam squad for hair + makeup; the mind, body and soul transformation begins. Those nerves slowly begin to fade as she gets more comfortable and realizes that our whole team is here to celebrate her and accept her fully for who she is.

Once hair and makeup is complete, the shoot itself begins and I slowly ease each client into the posing and facial expression guidance to allow them top shed any nerves that may still be lingering. My personal favorite part of the entire shoot is when I first show my client the back of my camera and get that "OH MY GOSH, THAT'S ME!?!" or the "THERES NO WAY THATS ME?!". As we get further into the session, my client true personality starts to come out, and soon they are feeling sexy and the nerves are GONE.

And by the time we finish their shoot, we are friends! Its truly such a special experience for both us and our client that allowed us to share stories with each, laugh (and sometimes cry) and connect with another woman who get its.

Once I show them their retouched photos at their Image Reveal, their jaw drops. They see themselves in a light they never have before. This is one of the very amazing things about boudoir photography, I get a chance to show women how I see them, how their spouse see them, how the world sees them. I get to be their mirror. When they walk out the door, they are beaming with confidence and cannot wait to tell their friends what they just did.

A little Piece Of My Story

I've had a camera in my hand since I was a toddler. My mother video'd + photographed my entire life, so naturally, I grew a quick love for the camera, and art, as a child. As a single mom, she opened a photography business when I was just 10 years old, and hired me as her assistant, and I feel in love with it right then. She passed her camera gear onto me, and by 12 years old, I had my own business. I like to think its just in my blood. I spent the next decade photographing families, portraits, events, a couple weddings here and there and always felt like something was missing.

The question "Are you going to become a full time photographer when you grow up?" or "Do you plan to go to school for photography?" were asked almost every. single. day....or so it felt at least. And, truth be told, these questions made my eyes roll so far back into my head as a teen. (I laugh thinking about that now, LOL). Photography was my hobby, I enjoyed creating art, and it was nice to have a little side hustle as a teen growing up in a very low income family.... But I never felt fully connected to it, even as badly as I wanted to. I just wasn't in love with it, but I also refused to give it up. What a weird, confusing feeling. That feeling immediately vanished the 2020 spring day that I had my first ever boudoir client. It was like a lightbulb went off. I had figured out how I could use my art to make other women feel good. My art finally had a purpose. A purpose that felt near and dear to me. I struggled with self confidence my entire life, especially in my teen years, so to be able to help other women overcome that was a dream come true. I knew from that moment on, that I was in perfect alignment, boudoir photography is exactly what I was made to do.