Hair + Makeup Do's + Dont's

What to Expect from your HAIR + Makeup Artist during your Appointment!

Hair + Makeup application by our team of our amazing professional stylists is included in your session fee. You will be receiving a 60-90 minute hair and makeup application that will blow your mind and confidence! Your artists will be providing a look best suited to fit your needs, comfort level and boost your confidence here at the studio.


If you have pictures or points of inspiration, it can be a great visual tool for the artist to use or you can communicate what you’d like to achieve. Be aware that the person in the picture you show may not have the same face shape or skin tone but a good makeup artist will be able to achieve the same look in a way that’s flattering to your face. Sharing the setting, colors, theme, or tone can be helpful to guide your artist with what you like.


Ultimately you will receive a beautiful look customized perfectly to you for your photos and so that you will feel amazing and confident wearing out for the day afterwards! Makeup will last all day!


Please notify artist of any allergies to products during the session, also if you cannot use certain products such as moisturizer and/or foundation, feel free to pack your own and bring with you and they can apply.


Feel free to check out before and after’s as well as prior makeup/hair done by Donna and Monica on their pages!


Makeup: Do's + Dont's

  • Do not drastically change your skincare routine the week before as it can result in breakouts prior to your shoot.
  • Hydration facials are always recommended the week before so skin looks radiant and glowing although the artist can always get this look with products! You can do a hydration facial at a spa or at home using something aloe or cucumber based, make sure it is mild and safe for sensitive skin. Do 3-5 days PRIOR to your session! 
  • Do not do chemical peels the week of your session.
  • Gentle exfoliation recommended 2-3 days before your shoot, followed with daily moisturizer AM and PM every day up until your session.
  • Eyebrow and other facial waxing/threading recommended at least 1 week before your shoot.
  • Do not go out in the sun without at LEAST SPF 35-50 on your skin for a week before your session. You don't want to come in with a sunburn!! Sunburnt skin will be RED in pictures, and will not match the color we use for foundation on your face.
  • Do not use tanning beds within 4 weeks of your session. 
  • If you get a spray tan, be sure to get it 48-72 hours before your session and shower at least twice before session day to make sure you get the bronzer layer off fully.
  • Do make sure you come in with NO makeup on at all. If you wore makeup the day before your session, make sure you wash your face and remove ALL mascara from your lashes so we have a clean pallet to work with! 
  •  Do communicate with your stylist. We want to give you a custom look that you LOVE. If you don't like something - SPEAK UP! We are here to serve YOU! 
  • Please understand that "photo-ready" makeup can appear heavy in a mirror. The photography is going to tone-down the makeup pretty drastically. If you are not used to wearing makeup, don't be scared! We can provide you with a natural look that will photograph very well. 

Hair: Do's + Dont's

  • Do not drastically change your hair or your hair routine the week before your session. 
  •  Do wash your hair the night before/morning of your shoot and have COMPLETELY blow dried hair before your session. This is IMPERATIVE! If you arrive with wet/damp hair, you will not receive hair styling. We recommend using some kind of clarifying shampoo, to make sure to remove all oils and debris from your scalp. Arriving with product residue or leftover oils will result in a "greasy" looking root and lack of volume. This is very important!
  •  Do NOT put products in your hair prior to your session, heat protectant will be applied by your stylist as well as hair spray and texturizing spray for volume. Arriving for your session with products in your hair can make it incredibly difficult for us to properly style your hair and may result in a "greasy" looking root and lack of volume. 
  •  Do NOT flat iron your hair prior to the session. If you blow-dry immediately after shower, especially if you use a round brush to blow dry, you should not need a flat iron. We do have a flat iron at the studio along with our other styling wands and can flat iron if necessary prior to styling. 
  •  Get your hair cut or colored a week or two before! Your roots will show if they are not touched up properly. Accidents can happen, so make sure to color at least 1-2 weeks out so you have time to get any mistakes fixed before your session.
  •  If you want to wear your hair in it's natural state, feel free to arrive with it styled "photo-ready" so we can get right into your session after completion of makeup! Just make sure to inform us at least 30 days prior to your session.